The R U Ready Sports Organization is a developmental program that strive for excellence.  This program is for all athletes boys or girls regardless of talent or athletic ability. Every athlete has something they can improve on about their game and most importantly, themselves. While participating in any of R U Ready Sports activities and training events, all participants leave with more confidence and high self-esteem. R U Ready not only just train athletes to be able to perform on a much higher level, but also give them an opportunity to play on one of our elite travel teams. Individuals on these teams are selected based on prior performance and the desire to over achieve.  Athletes that are selected will have the opportunity to play against tough competition throughout the state and may compete for national titles. Here at R U Ready Sports, we have help many players pursue their dreams to play on the college level, not only will you play great basketball for us, but we put you in front of hundreds of college coaches to be evaluated by them and earn an athletic scholarship.   R U Ready strives to set Realistic goals for the youth as well as teach teamwork, patience and Understanding. Within the scope of this program , Rational decisions are made and we push to Emphasize Alertness and Determination. Our Youth are our future and through the R U Ready Sports Program, our goal is to place them one step ahead. Sean Jones, Jr. EST. 2OOO Coach Jones and Brittany Kirkland © 2000 - 2009 R U Ready Sports , Inc. -   , All rights reserved